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Learner driver insuranceLearner driver temporary car insurance: If you are trying to persuade your parents or a friend to take you out to practice your driving in their car, try Collingwood learner driver insurance as an alternative to ,and often much cheaper than, being a named driver on their insurance policy, you could have your own policy. That way if anything were to happen!!???  You would not affect the owners' insurance no claims bonus or premium. Also in the event of an accident You would be able to take care of getting their car repaired  without affecting the future price of their insurance, whilst at the same time starting to earn yourself a no claims bonus.

collingwood Learner Driver temporary car insuranceWith a Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance policy you can insure any car, group 15 or less and under £20,000 in value, when you need it, from as short as a week.
Drive your parents, grandparents, friends or relatives car without any risk to their insurance. Just take out a policy for each vehicle when you need it.


Car insuranceApart from buying the car itself, Insurance is most likely going to be the most expensive part of driving. By law you must have valid insurance but there are many different policies and companies to chose from.This page will  give you some information about your different options when it comes to arranging your Insurance Policy:

There are 3 main types of Insurance:

1. 3rd Party only ( this is the most basic cover but will only cover other drivers and not you or your car). only suitable for  fairly inexpensive cars

2. 3rd Party Fire & Theft  ( As above but with cover for fire damage and theft as well.)

3. Fully Comprehensive which covers just about everything.

Insurance premiums are based on risk: under 21's are considered a greater risk than older people, as are more inexperienced drivers, also statistically women are considered less of a risk than men. The premium you pay will be based on a number of factors including your age sex and experience and also the car that you are asking to insure and where you live. As time goes on and if you don't make any claims you will start to build up a no claims discount.

Excess: This is applied to almost all insurance policies and is the amount that you would have to pay on any claim. You can sometimes increase this amount and reduce your premium, a normal amount is from £50 to £200.

To keep your premium to a minimum you should keep the engine size of your car to as small as possible. (1.4L or less, anything more would likely increase costs). You could consider car security Alarms & immobilisers can reduce costs. Also where you keep the car :a garage would be much better than on the road.

Pass plusPass Plus (see pass plus page) This course can see you receive a greatly reduced premium from certain companies.

Always shop around for your premium nowadays you could try one of the insurance comparison websites.


If you`re a young person with an urge to get behind the wheel of a car you`ll probably feel ready to go as soon as your 17th birthday arrives. However, there are some important requirements to fulfil first.

You must display an "L" plate ("D" plates can be used in Wales) and hold a provisional driving licence. You must also be accompanied by an adult aged over 21 with at least three years driving experience, ( held a licence for 3 years) Finally your vehicle must be roadworthy – and have an MOT certificate to prove it – and it must be taxed and insured.


Young MarmaladeYoung marmalade.co.uk offer a learner driver car insurance package as well as policies once you have passed your test. They offer Car and insurance packages for 17 - 24 year olds and if you're looking for a new car could save you a lot of money with their finance/insurance packages.       - Free Pass Plus with Young Marmalade - Combined car purchase and low cost insurance scheme.


For learner drivers, finding suitable car insurance is no easy task as insurers charge young drivers higher premiums due to the increased accident rate within the 17-24 age group. According to the Association of British Insurers, 18 year olds alone cause 50 collisions on the UK`s roads every day – that`s almost three times as many as motorists in their 50s. It has also been found that one in three drivers is likely to be involved in an accident within two years of passing their driving test.

As a consequence several insurers have stopped offering quotes to 17-year-olds altogether and of the providers that do quote many hike both the premium and the excess. So it`s important to shop around to find good value.

One route open to learners is to add themselves as a named driver to a parent`s policy. If you plan to have lessons from anyone other than a professional instructor it is necessary to be added to their car insurance policy or you will be breaking the law.

Temporary insurance on a car you don't ownHowever, if you have your own car, or plan to learn in a variety of vehicles, there are several insurers which specialise in offering quotes to learner drivers including: 17-24 Car Insurance; Collingwood Learner Driver Car Insurance; and Endsleigh. These are not the only providers that offer schemes for learner drivers however, and you should still take an overview of the market.

car insurance

Price is an obvious consideration when shopping around for car insurance as a learner driver. However, it`s important to make sure you`re getting a good level of cover for your money too.

Some specialist insurers offer temporary policies for learner drivers. This means that if you do not have a car to drive long-term you can just pay for the insurance you need while learning without being tied into a 12month contract.

In addition, several insurers offer incentives to learner drivers including:

Rapid bonus schemes
These allow you to earn a full year`s no-claims discount in nine or ten months.

Pass Plus bonus
The discount is potentially as high as 35 per cent for completing the Pass Plus course immediately after passing your driving test.

Inform your insurer as soon as you pass your test. If you were only insured on a temporary policy you may wish to shop around as more companies offer young driver`s car insurance and new driver`s car insurance than offer policies specifically for learners.

Just remember that premiums will be high in your first year of driving so take every step you can to keep them manageable. For example if your car is only worth £500 then it`s probably best to opt for a third party or third party fire and theft deal as comprehensive car insurance could cost more than the car itself.

Go compare .comIn addition, improve the security of your vehicle, choose a car with a small engine and limit modifications to keep young driver car insurance affordable.